La Duni Restaurants do not accept reservations unless the guest group is part of a pre-planned party or when we offer reservations for special events such as Valentine’s Dinner, Easter, Mother’s or Father’s Day Brunch, New Years Eve, Wine Tastings, special classes, demonstrations or special circumstances. However, we encourage our guests to call ahead the same day the guest is planning to dine with us, and have their name placed on our waiting list. Although it is not a reservation, it helps the hostess plan for their arrival and reduces their wait by placing their name ahead of other guests arriving at the same time or up to 15 minutes before the calling guest’s arrival.

When handicap guests arrive they will have priority seating. The first available table that can accommodate them will be offered ahead of the other guests waiting. Equally, when they call ahead and request special consideration or assistance it will be acknowledged. Although we don’t reserve specific tables, they will be seated on a priority basis. Notwithstanding, if extraordinary situations require special attention please contact the manager for assistance.

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